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Futures Golf Academy is an advanced junior development initiative designed to give aspiring athletes the competitive advantage. Academy experiences are based on an integrated coaching model that instills cutting edge strategies in performance, mindset, fitness and nutrition. In addition, FGA curriculum provides players and families with valuable resources in tournament planning, prep and college support on their road to success in high-level tournament golf.

When you engage in the FGA experience, you may have an idea of what you’re capable of, but we guarantee our expectations for success are even higher. This mindset is the driving force behind everything we do.

Camelback Golf Academy is excited to offer a new afterschool junior program starting the week of October 7th. The Futures Afterschool Program is led by Director of Instruction and US Kids Golf Master Teacher, Alex Fisher as well as PGA Instructor; Jeff Kulhanek. Our mission is to grow the game of golf through skilled base learning. This comprehensive program is broken down into 5 mastery levels and covers: full swing fundamentals, short game dynamics, putting, on-course play, knowledge, and rules.


Date:               Starts the week of September 20th, 2021


Sessions:         Level 1 - 5 (Intermediates) Every Monday and/or                                 Wednesday


                         Level 5 - 10 (Intermediate / Highschool) Every                                       Tuesday and/or Thursday


Time:              4:00pm – 5:30pm each session


Cost:               Monthly One Session per week: $199 *Includes all                               instruction and learning materials and academy                                   merchandise.

                       Monthly Two Sessions per week: $299 *Includes all                             instruction and learning materials and academy                                   merchandise.

The FGA Program Is About Raising The Bar. We Help Young Athletes Become Who They Were Created To Be, In Order To Do What Only They Can Do!

Alex Fisher, PGA Director of Instruction - Camelback Golf Club


FGA training experiences are created by Founders Alex Fisher, PGA & Trent Siever. Our team of professionals in golf performance, mindset, fitness and nutrition we have helped countless golfers across the globe elevate their game and activate their lifestyle on and off the course. Developing entertaining and insightful content across a variety of media platforms, FGA team members have been featured on Golf Digest, ESPN Radio, US Kids Golf, Colorado Avid Golfer, Arizona Republic, Apple Podcast and more.

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Alex Fisher

For the past 15 years Alex has been coaching juniors to become elite players. A number of Alex's students have gone on to earn Division 1 scholarships and play at the highest collegiate level. Alex is extremely passionate about developing athletes and has been recognized nationally for his work with juniors.

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The Futures Golf Academy is the premier program for junior development. The FGA initiative provides young athletes with more tools to express their game, while instilling life long strategies that serve a more powerful standard of living on and off the course. Our team, comprised of some of the world’s best coaches in golf performance, mental toughness, fitness and nutrition helps players find their inspiration and go the distance in every endeavor.



Through our system of awareness, education and adjustment athletes quickly shift to experiencing new levels of possibility. F.G.A training provides players with an efficient formula for implementing the essentials of contact and control from tee to green.



Academy training is based on an integrated “T.P.I” approach to achievement, providing athletes with elite strategies for championship caliber performance. Golf fitness training, mindset techniques are all part of the curriculum.



F,G,A helps participants play their best when it counts most. We work with each athlete to prepare for their tournament schedule, while effectively balancing learning and performance based goals.



F.G.A provides athletes and families with advanced resources for navigating the college acceptance process. Workshops for parents and players are part of the training module. 

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